Fotocasion ribera de curtidores

photo store near me

Since it just happened to me and I don’t want it to happen to more people because it seems to me an injustice and a huge bitch, when deciding to buy a product in Fotocasion be very careful, for several reasons: NO RETURN policy, and worst of all is that at the time of purchase they do not tell you that the MONEY IS NOT RETURNED, they make you a voucher for the amount you have spent (I hope it is not a gift for someone or that you no longer have to buy more accessories) and at least they could lower the price of the product to what is sold in the market and not take advantage with more than a 27% price difference between one store or another plus the profit margin they will earn. So I advise you that before buying here (which I will never buy more) compare in other stores the price, because they are real THIEVES. And it’s a great sales policy, as soon as you pay and go out the door you are ALL THEIRS, the money will always end up in them. I find it REGRETTING that in the century in which we live there are stores with this policy and above all with products that most of them are not cheap at all.


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For lovers of photography here you find everything if you do not have it here bad thing the store is very large and have enough staff and counters that if to my taste the local have it a little weird what is the placement of products but well I went through a few photography stores I was looking for a little something and the only one I found it was this on the recommendation of a friend, very good recommendation and I myself recommend it for lovers of photography. They always have people, the good thing is that you almost do not have to wait in line because they have enough counters for everything, the staff is very attentive and they help you and give you advice at all times, I liked it a lot, the only bad thing is the parking as always when you want to move around the center.

If you need something general or specific for your camera or just looking for information this is the place to go. Great professional photographers and videographers. They stop with each customer as much as necessary to meet their needs and always try to help you if they don’t have what you are looking for in their store (which is complicated).


I started with a stall in the Rastro in 1975, there on Sundays I came to put a few things. In 1983 I took a transfer in Carlos Arniches street… I didn’t want to carry all the material every Sunday, that’s where FOTOCASION really started. In 2005 is when we moved to this building.

My dream was to set up an establishment like El Corte Inglés but for photography (laughs). Obviously B&H… they have about 1,300 employees, it’s the biggest. In Japan there is Yodobashi, which has many very large stores that are dedicated not only to photography, but also to consumer electronics.

Yes, underneath the store there are two floors that we use as a warehouse, then above that there are two other floors, the one we are in and above that is used for courses, product presentations, workshops, exhibitions, there are also the offices. And upstairs we have a terrace, which is never used but can be used as a studio or a place for outdoor photography.

The change from chemical to digital photography has been very fast, it has not cost people much, but chemical photography has never stopped moving; we still sell chemicals, film, paper? I even dare to say that it is a growing movement.