Tortilla de patatas en madrid


The project of Ricardo A. and José Manuel Romero, two young brothers from Cádiz who passed through the kitchens of Aponiente and El Bohío and landed in the capital with a simple but suggestive proposal that honors their land, as tasty as their omelette. With plenty of onion and little curd, it is one of the most acclaimed in Madrid.

The success of their omelette with little curd has led them to occupy other neighborhoods in Madrid. Its name claims what they do best, tortillas of all tastes that come out of their “laboratory” to conquer the most nonconformist. Do you like it without onion? Don’t worry, you can find it here, but also with onion, and with zucchini, chistorra, trumpets of death … difficult to stay with just one.

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It is located within the sybarite and exquisite Mercado de la Paz and has been, like La Ardosa, a regular for decades of the best potato omelettes in Madrid. And, another similarity with the previous one, it is at full capacity no matter what time you go.

The tavern is one of the most curious places in the area. You can find from octogenarian regulars to the most modern young people of the capital. And all of them enjoy this juicy omelette topped with black truffle that gives it an extraordinary touch.

The key to this has been the possibility of enjoying the mythical Betanzos omelette in the center of the peninsula. Little, very little curdled. Paradise for those who love to see how the semi-liquid egg runs down the plate as soon as one brushes the omelette with the knife. The eggs… also from Betanzos.

You know… in a tavern, the omelette is a basic that should not be missing. Of course, the omelette of this house is already a delight by itself. But, if it also has a surprise… you will have no choice but to try it on your next visit.

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Some prefer it with onion, others without onion, some more or less curdled, and others that do not fall apart. More or less oily, bland or salty, with or without chunks, with or without mashed potatoes. In short, the potato omelette is without a doubt, a historical asset and heritage of our holy country and gives much to talk about because there are as many omelettes and preferences about it as there are people in the world. Although it is simple (it includes beaten egg, potato, olive oil and salt) and abundant in all the bars of our country, it has won the heart and palate of everyone.

In this restaurant, the omelette is the boss and is declared among one of the best in the capital. Classic, very juicy and slightly curdled, it is a must in this ranking. An omelette that makes pilgrimage to his most faithful followers from any corner of the capital.

La Penela. offers a brief selection of the most traditional proposals of the house, where there is no shortage of Galician octopus, veal and its always famous potato omelette. Here it is prepared in the purest Betanzos style: with free-range eggs from free-range hens and corn -which gives it its intense yellow color-, potatoes from the area of Coristanco, olive oil and salt.

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What we were going to: there is a reason why Pez Tortilla started as one and now there are 3 places in Madrid: their tortilla de patatas and croquettes are a-lu-ci-nan-tes. And that’s it. You will find proposals such as potato omelette with ham, brie and truffle; Galician octopus; or chistorra. And croquettes as powerful as those of prawns with garlic, cod Bilbao style or Iberian pork loin with peppers. Both juicy and delicious. Go and tell us about it.Pez TortillaCalle Pez, 36Calle Cava Baja, 42Calle Espoz y Mina, 13