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The hamburger is good, that can not be doubted. But the hamburger itself is a food that should always be good. Another thing is that you want delicious burgers like the NY Burger. But making a good burger like DonOso’s is not a mystery.

The quality of the hamburger meat (the meat is where 90% of the success of a hamburger lies) at Don Oso is not of supreme quality but it is perfect to satisfy college students who don’t have 3 duros or any hungry person like me who happens to be in the area.

Regarding the level of “pigginess” of the burger, I don’t know what to tell you, I didn’t think it was as piggy as it was portrayed. Yes it is porky and uncomfortable to eat it there at the bar as I did because the mustard falls on your shoes but the burger itself is not particularly greasy or so fat that it does not fit in your mouth.

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After the arrival of the Rodilla Group to the brand, Hamburguesa Nostra has a dozen restaurants, as many gourmet spaces and market stalls in Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, Alicante and Malaga. The original idea is respected: the variety is in the hamburger, more than in the toppings, although the huge menu of the beginnings has been reduced in favor of fewer versions but much more careful.

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If you are one of those looking for strong emotions, Sublime Dreams Food is your place. In its menu we can find different burgers with ingredients that you would have never imagined. This is for example the case of Donus Burger recipe in which they replace the classic hamburger bun with a grilled donut, a curious flavor that we have tried (not suitable for those who want to watch their weight) whose contrast between sweet and salty is curious and surprising. Also worth a special mention are Cheese porn (a hyper caloric bomb for cheese lovers), Sweet Bacon (whose star ingredient is the bacon jam that gives it a special touch) and Carnivorus, which mixes beef with ribs, a delicacy for meat addicts. If you dare to try them you can do so in two of the restaurants they have in the capital: one in Hernani 38 and another in the Plaza Mayor area (C/ Concepción Jerónima 28).

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Of course, the bread, as always, American, lightly toasted, crumbles with astonishing ease. Maybe our memories are fuzzy, but we’d swear that it didn’t all come apart so quickly in the old days.

And of course, even if the fries don’t come with the burger, it’s mandatory to order at least one portion. And so it was. Those frozen fries, cut into long sticks and with a squirt of ketchup from a canister. They’re not the best in the world, but hey, whether it’s for nostalgia or hunger, they cheer up a lot.

Of course Freddy, it’s the same for us, where there are the ones we’ve had all our lives…. What happens is that here we were surprised that they still maintain the level of their brothers, although, as we say in the article, the bread crumbles too quickly and that is something we did not remember.

First of all, thank you very much for reading and commenting. Regarding the bread, we were not sure about it, but if you tell us, we are happy 🙂 We are fans of Don Oso and we love that they open as many as possible. Regarding the price, it’s been a while since we went and we lost the ticket, but if we put it, it may cost that much or maybe it’s the price of two units. We will confirm it and if it doesn’t correspond to reality, be sure we will edit it.

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