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This film written and directed by Roberto Bueso is his feature debut. The film stars newcomer Gonzalo Fernández and Charlotte Vega (La librería). Rounding out the cast are Inma Sancho (Tarde para la ira), Enric Benavent (El hombre de las mil caras) and Carlo Blanco (Alienígenas), in addition to fellow debutants Pepo Llopis, Xavi Giner and Hugo Rubert.

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But here there is nothing salvageable because the script is signed by Díaz Lorenzo himself, so the exercise of self-complacency acquires truly embarrassing heights. Therefore, the cast -with the stone hanging around their necks- plunges into the depths of absolute ridicule, unable to overcome such a mess.

Yes, I am not forgetting Dani Rovira. Accepting this project is a real suicide and he has entered the fray. I always say the same about him, because he is an excellent monologuist and a bad actor. His eternal inexpressiveness puts the final nail in the coffin of an unpresentable film. One of two things, either the check was unpayable or he had an actor’s attack and he thought he was enough to save the show by himself…

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The Imperial Palace of Tokyo must face a dramatic and serious problem. Emperor Satohito has died without having left any descendants, which will make the palace must get down to work to find a descendant to fill the position. The emperor’s secretary will follow the family tree of Emperor Satohito looking for possible descendants, which will take him back to Seville in the seventeenth century, where an expedition of samurai arrived in the Sevillian town of Coria del Rio. There, the samurai Hasekura Tsunenaga, ancestor of the deceased emperor, married and had offspring before he died, which will lead the Japanese to Coria del Río in search of the heirs to the throne. There, Paco Japón and his family, lifelong neighbors of Coria del Río, will be the chosen ones. Comedy directed by Álvaro Díaz Lorenzo and starring Dani Rovira and María León.

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The Japanese in an amalgam of silly gags that are repeated ad nauseam, and that are the same in all films of the genre. An hour and a half of a film full of catetisms and on top of that, it pretends to be intelligent. It starts very weak and boring and ends exactly the same. Nothing new under the sun. What do you think of The Japanese? Tell us your opinion in the comments or in our social networks.    Previous PostStar Wars: Darth Bane could get his own TV series Next PostMarvel’s plans for Spider-Man 3 leaked (SPOILERS)