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It is a good movie, with good actors that make it credible. However, the excessive footage in prison films, as is the case, need a plot agility that this one lacks at times, which coupled with the more than two hours of film, makes it at times somewhat tedious.

More terrifying than any film of that genre and very scary, like any South American military dictatorship. Or like the one we had here, remember; with limited dialogue and a lot of image. And to express in words the intrinsic essence of the film, I will faithfully transcribe the labels that appear at the beginning, a conversation extracted from Franz Kafka’s work, “In the Penitentiary Colony”: “The man looked at the condemned man and …

In addition to the make-up, in order to give the performers the necessary characterization, the three protagonists had to lose a lot of weight to get as close as possible to the conditions in which the political prisoners they bring to life lived.

The 12-year cast night.

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It is not just another movie. Especially for Uruguayans it is not just another film. The period of the armed uprising of the MLN-Tupamaros, its defeat, the subsequent military dictatorship and, more than anything else, the people whose lives the film refers to, are all too notoriously part of the present. That part of history has a relevance that makes it much closer than what the almanac says.

The unquestionable weight that the film carries with it means that, beyond the natural subjectivity with which a work can reach each person, it is almost inevitable that there will be those who find it difficult not to contaminate their judgment by ideological or strategic issues or by the perception they may have – for or against – about the role played in different areas by the people who are the protagonists of the story. Nor can the influence of the information available on the events narrated or even mere questions of age be left aside, since this film will surely not be the same for the younger generations as for those who lived through those moments.

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María Valverde has done double duty on Netflix with Fuimos canciones and with this much more interesting Peruvian production directed by Claudia Llosa (La teta asustada). It is a story that could fall into the horror genre but without touching on any of the facile springs of that type of film. From the intimate drama, it is a very personal version of Samanta Schweblin’s novel about two mothers who meet in a lost town in Argentina and whose relationship is marked by the disturbing relationship with their children. There will be viewers who feel total incomprehension at the plot, but if you enter into its tempo and emotional density, it grabs you completely.58. Good Netflix Movies: Guilty (2021).

The plot, based on an acclaimed novel by Walter Dean Myers, is reminiscent of that of The Innocent series: a terrific kid, art student and talented photographer, whose life is completely changed by a violent incident in which he is involved on the rebound. But this is not a labyrinthine thriller but a serious, realistic film, a social and psychological analysis with echoes of Black Lives Matter in the form of a courtroom drama. It was presented at the Sundance Film Festival with some very decent reviews and also features some of the actors who have shined in your favorite series.55. Good Netflix Movies: Big World News (2021).