Como crear stickers para whatsapp

Stickers for whatsapp memes

However, one of the strengths of these stickers is that we can create custom packs, so we can make stickers with our own face. The process is simple and free for both iOS and Android, so let’s show you, step by step, how to do it.

To create stickers for WhatsApp with your face in a simple way the fastest and most recommended is to use an application. In this case, we will use Sticker Maker, which is available for iOS and Android for free. The app works really well and hardly puts us complications.

Sticker Maker works the same way on iOS, but as there are more alternatives we can put the eye, for example, on Sticker Maker Stickers Studio. The application is similar to the previous one, although its interface is somewhat more complete and makes several recommendations on new and featured stickers.

How to make stickers with photos

And we start with Sticker Maker, an application that we have already talked about in depth for being one of the best alternatives you have to create your own stickers based on your photos. You can create as many collections of them as you want, each with a maximum of 30 stickers.

Its operation is very simple. You just have to choose the option to create a new pack of stickers and you will generate a collection with the name you want and all the boxes blank. Then you just have to go clicking on each box and selecting a photo of your mobile, which you can cut to your liking or leave it square and then install the collection in WhatsApp.

It is completely free and is funded by ads. A highlight is that you can reuse the stickers already created to assemble a new package, which will help you save a little work from time to time. The downside is that it only has an Android version.

Also in its day we talked about Personal Stickers, one of the first applications that came out to create your own collections. Since then it has evolved a bit, you no longer have to edit stickers necessarily from outside, and its operation is today almost the same as the previous application. The difference is that this app is only available on Android, so if you have an iPhone you will have to look for alternatives.

Make stickers for whatsapp online

To create WhatsApp stickers with the official tool you must access WhatsApp in its web version. The good news is that, once created, they are visible on any version, including iPhone and Android. And soon, you will also be able to create stickers from the desktop versions.

Once there, access any conversation and click on the drop-down button to send content. In the list you will find a new button with the name Sticker. You can also go directly to the Emojis button, click on Stickers and finally on Create.

How to make stickers on whatsapp iphone

Until now, if we wanted to use these images that bring variety and fun to our conversations, we had to use different applications. Now it is much easier to create stickers for WhatsApp from the platform itself. At the moment, this feature is only available in the desktop version, and it is not known when we will be able to use it also on our cell phones. Of course, the stickers that we create on our desktop can also be used on our cell phones.

In case this is not enough for you, here are some tips on where to find the funniest stickers for WhatsApp. At the same time that this form of communication was becoming popular, the options to enrich it increased. About movies, TV series, superheroes, memes… Stickers are all the rage.

Now it remains to be seen whether or not this new update that allows you to create stickers for WhatsApp from the same messaging platform will put an end to all those applications that we use to bring some salt and pepper to our conversations.