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Basic Fit. This sports center has no less than 33 gyms distributed in Andalusia, Basque Country, Asturias and the Community of Madrid. In addition, if you become a member, you will be able to access the more than 400 centers they have distributed throughout Europe. Its price ranges between 20 and 26 euros, depending on the modality you choose -with or without permanence-. It offers group classes, virtual classes, physiotherapy areas, stretching, cardio, strength and has modern Matrix Fitness equipment.

Basic-fit madrid

For those looking for a luxury experienceThe gym: Women’s ArsenalWe like it because… Besides being only for women (we have nothing against men, but sharing machines with them is not always so much fun), it’s like walking in the door and feeling like you’re on vacation. It has several pools that will save your life in summer, spa, hairdresser, restaurant and even a physio. Among its star classes are dance-related disciplines. Oh, and they also offer Bikram Yoga: Calle de José Ortega y Gasset, 82.

For those who want to try new disciplinesThe gym: Reebok Sports Club Serrano We like it because… It is in the heart of the Salamanca district, has more than 1,200 meters of training facilities, a swimming pool and hydrotherapy area. You will be surprised by its 15-meter high climbing wall, ideal for beginners in the world of climbing, and its boxing classes. If you like to combine different disciplines throughout the week, this is a perfect option. They also have a center in La Finca: ABC Serrano shopping center.


Staying in shape and keeping in shape in Madrid is possible thanks to the numerous offers of gyms with low prices that the capital offers. In this list you will find some of the best low cost gyms in Madrid, which have been selected taking into account their quality and low prices.

They offer Zumba, CrossFit, Spinning and much more. They offer options to access with day passes (from 3 euros) or a monthly pass (from 30 euros), which makes it easy for the customer to access any of the more than 350 gyms of the franchise. You can contact them through their website.

“Our commitment… to help you achieve your goals. Our secret… to make you improve every day through physical activity”. With this description is defined the Smart Gym team, who guarantee you the best service in terms of wellness and fitness.

Passion for fitness, innovation and customer service are the characteristics that define the VivaGym gym franchise, whose values include honesty, simplicity and innovation.


Located at Calle Antracita, nº 7 in Madrid, the new center has 350 square meters of floor space, which houses a boxing area, free weights, guided resistance machines and cardiovascular training machines, providing the customer with the basics for a good workout for a monthly fee of 9.90 euros.

In addition, to meet the needs that customers may have, a system of a la carte virtual classes has been established, which users can enjoy in three different rooms 24 hours a day. Among the most popular classes are pilates, yoga, zumba, indoor cycling, indoor walking, toning and cardiobox.

The center has been a true revolution in the capital. Proof of this is that in its first weeks of operation it already has more than 600 registered members. In addition, thanks to the blue wristband, they will be able to enter all the F19 Basic Fitness centers that will open soon.

Since it began its activity Fitness 19 has opted for a low cost model, although the introduction in our country of local gyms has changed the fitness landscape at the national level, as is happening in other countries.