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At the end of the fifth season of Game of Thrones (attention to those not keeping up with the series because this may be a spoiler of epic proportions) Daenerys Targaryen’s wayward dragon, Drogon, appears out of nowhere at the Daznak Pit to save his mother from what was to be almost certain death at the hands of hundreds of Sons of the Harpy, the mysterious masked men trying to overthrow her. Drogon sets about spitting fire and flies off with Daenerys from what inevitably looks like a bullring. And it is a bullring. The one in Osuna (Seville), specifically.

Places like Moneyglass, Magilligan, Magheramorne (whose abandoned quarry is used to recreate Castle Black, the fortress of the Night’s Watch) or Ballintoy (which is the Isle of Pyke in fiction, the stronghold of House Greyjoy) already know the benefits of hosting a great shooting. The surroundings of the town of Saintfield may premiere as the site of the so-called ‘Battle of the Bastards’, which promises to be one of the great moments of the sixth season.

spanish castle

Thus, in case the fountain of the lions stays in Cáceres, it will be located in a place where it can be distinguished “perfectly” that it is an anachronistic element that has nothing to do with the architecture of the city.

It should be recalled that some squares and streets of the old part of the city have changed these days its physiognomy to adapt it to the filming of the prequel to Game of Thrones, a production that has mobilized about a thousand people between actors, extras, operators and hotel workers, since the logistics center of the recording has been installed in Cáceres.

To set the atmosphere of the period, for example, the gutters and cables have been covered, the statue of San Pedro de Alcántara, located in a corner of the Cathedral of Santa María, or the statue of St. George and his dragon, in the square of the same name, in which the aforementioned fountain of lions has been installed.

In front of the palace of Los Golfines de Abajo, other elements have also been placed with stone effect that will serve as a support for the recording of some scenes of the mythical series, which will be filmed in a dozen locations in the historic center of Cáceres and also in Trujillo.

castillo game of thrones spain

A month and a half has passed since that May 22, Granada woke up with a news that revolutionized not only the followers of the series, but all the people of Granada. Game of Thrones’ left the door open to the city of the Alhambra for the filming of its fifth season, having as its main scenario precisely the Nasrid monument. But it could not be. The U.S. network HBO has confirmed that part of the fifth season of the series ‘Game of Thrones’ -whose launch is scheduled for spring 2015-, will be filmed in several natural locations in the province of Seville, such as Osuna, in addition to the capital.

game of thrones spain

And where do they plan to film? Well, obviously the first location is the Alcázar of Seville (on the cover), which will be transformed into the Water Gardens, that paradise where Prince Doran (yes, Doran of Dorne, original), the Serpent’s older brother…Oberyn Martell, spends his idle hours.

So you know, we have a new plan for the summer: go see the filming of this wonderful series that, without even having finished writing the books, is already in our hearts forever. I hope they hurry up filming, it’s still Andalusia and Winter is Coming for them too.

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