Tania sanchez y pablo iglesias

Pablo iglesias y tania sánchez melero en dando caña

5 junio 2011 – 4 febrero 2015 – Juan Miguel Belmonte Gómez → Legislatura: novena legislatura de la Asamblea de Madrid Electa a: elecciones a la Asamblea de Madrid de 2011 Regidora del Ayuntamiento de Rivas-Vaciamadrid 16 junio 2007 – 11 junio 2011

De 2005 a 2007, fue asesora de participación ciudadana y cooperación en el ayuntamiento de Rivas, y entre 2007 y 2011, regidora de Cultura, Fiestas y Cooperación al Desarrollo. Se distinguió por liderar la oposición en las fiestas de San Isidro[1].

Pablo iglesias: “the first sin of tania sanchez is to be the leader

Pablo Iglesias made the leap to Madrid knowing that there awaited two ‘exes’ of the purple leader who were waiting for their revenge. The electoral advance caught most of the political formations on the wrong foot, and many of them opted for drastic decisions for a battle that is being fought on a national level. Already the same day that Iglesias announced that he would leave Moncloa for the Assembly of Madrid, he slipped the need for “height of vision” on the left to found a party “of unity” between Podemos and Más Madrid despite the “scars” left by the past. He even invited to hold primaries for the militants to decide between Iglesias and Mónica García to lead this kind of ‘fusion’.

I can not imagine carmen lomana, monedero, tania sanchez.

“In addition, next week the investiture vote in the Community of Madrid of the new presidency, in this case president, and it seems that Albert Rivera fulfills orders from Genoa, signs them and votes them without much problem,” he criticized.

The deputy of Unidos Podemos Tania Sánchez has assured in Los desayunos de TVE that she faces with optimism the second state assembly of Podemos, which will be held from February 10 to 12 in the Vistalegre pavilion.  “No one is questioning the leadership of Pablo Iglesias. What we are asking for is clarity. It is convenient that people know before voting if, in case he is elected, Pablo Iglesias’ intention is to remove Errejón,” he said.

Regarding the vote that will take place in the Vistalegre meeting, Pablo Iglesias has warned that he would not continue to be the secretary general of Podemos if the political project he defends is defeated in the citizens’ assembly, because he believes that “it is essential to link the ideas to the people who defend them”.

Rifirrafe between arenal serrano and tania sanchez for pablo

The until recently unknown boyfriend of Pablo Iglesias’ ex worked as an advisor in the previous legislation in the city council of Madrid where Tania Sanchez was also. Despite living together, they tried to keep their relationship secret so that it would not hinder the work they were both doing together.

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