Seg social es cita previa pensiones

Social security

The usual opening hours are from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm, except for the INSS Attention and Information Centers, which are open from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 am to 2:30 pm.

This search engine makes it possible to locate the nearest offices by entering a specific address. The results will be sorted by distance and by type of office. This search engine does not guarantee compliance with the accessibility guidelines of this website, as an alternative you can use the search engine of the Office Directory.


You can request an appointment from this link: Appointment for benefits and other formalities at the INSS (click on this link and a new window will open with the official appointment system, like the one below).

When you call the INSS appointment phone number 901106570 or 915412530 you will hear an automatic system that first reminds you that you can no longer make an appointment to be seen by phone, that is, that the appointment is to go in person to the INSS offices.

At the end of the process, after you have entered your zip code and your DNI, the system will provide you with the appointment (office, day and time), but it is also possible that it will indicate that there is no appointment available over the phone and refer you to process it online, where there are more options to choose days.    In this case, in the previous section of this guide we explained how to make an appointment online.

The Social Security has launched a simulator of the Minimum Living Income, to which you can ask questions about how the process of recognition of this aid will be and whether or not you will be entitled to it.    The Simulator is available at this official link: and has this video showing how it works:

Appointment for foreigners

The wide range of procedures covered by the Social Security and the differences between each one may mean that the citizen needs the attention of an official from the corresponding department. For those cases in which telematic methods are not sufficient, the agency offers the possibility of going in person to its offices.

First of all, the agency has the ‘Tu Seguridad Social’ platform, to which through this link and with digital certificate (you can get it in four simple steps) or Cl@ve PIN. By entering your personal data and selecting the center where you wish to carry out the procedure, you will be able to access a date and time to make an appointment with the Social Security and carry out the relevant procedure.

If telematic means are not available, the citizen has more options. The Social Security offers a service on its website (available at this link) where you can make an appointment without the need for a digital certificate. The system, however, also allows you to do so with this identification method.

European health insurance card

If you need to go to an Attention and Information Center of the National Social Security Institute (CAISS) to process any of the pensions or benefits of the System (retirement, disability, widowhood, Minimum Vital Income or birth and care of a child, among others) it is essential to go by appointment.

As we have said, this service is available both on the web and at the Social Security Electronic Headquarters by clicking on this link, where you can choose between appointments for pensions and other INSS benefits or procedures with the Social Marine Institute. In addition, you can consult or cancel the appointment and access the online platform for procedures without an electronic certificate, enabled by the INSS.

Next, you must choose whether you want the first available appointment in an office in the zip code you select, the first available appointment in your province or if you prefer to choose the center, day and time of the appointment yourself. As a verification system, we will have to answer a simple security question.