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El peso (establecido como el peso convertible) es la moneda de Argentina, identificada por el símbolo $ que precede a la cantidad de la misma manera que muchos países que utilizan monedas en dólares. Se subdivide en 100 centavos. Su código ISO 4217 es ARS.

Desde finales del siglo XX, el peso argentino ha experimentado una importante tasa de devaluación, llegando a superar el 51% de tasa de inflación interanual en 2021[4] El tipo de cambio oficial respecto al dólar estadounidense rondó los 3:1 entre 2002 y 2008, subiendo de 6:1 a 10:1 entre 2009 y 2015. En agosto de 2019, el tipo de cambio había subido a 60:1 tras la reacción del mercado a las elecciones primarias argentinas de 2019[5] En octubre de 2020, el tipo de cambio no oficial o de libre disposición había subido a 195:1 (ARS por USD)[6][7].

El peso era un nombre utilizado a menudo para la moneda española de plata de ocho reales. Tras la independencia, Argentina comenzó a emitir sus propias monedas, denominadas en reales, soles y escudos, incluidas las monedas de plata de ocho reales (o soles) que aún se conocen como pesos. Estas monedas, junto con las de los países vecinos, circularon hasta 1881.

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The following is a list of quotations in the official and parallel markets and also the “savings” or “tourist” price, i.e. with the 30% surcharge of the PAIS tax plus the 35% surcharge on account of Profits and Personal Property:

Export duties will remain at 9% and popular prices will be sought to be extended. Beef cuts that have no incidence in the domestic market will be released. The quota will reach a list of seven grilled cuts.

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The converter displays the exchange rate of 1 euro to the Argentine peso at the given time in the forex today. To convert other amounts, please enter them in the corresponding fields.Argentine Peso

The euro Argentine peso exchange rate shown above is for informational purposes only. Although believed to be accurate, no guarantees are made as to its correctness or accuracy. Therefore, any use for current account operations, forex trading or for any other purpose should be considered at your own risk.

The exchange rate EUR/ARS shown above is for informational purposes only. Even if it is considered reliable, no guarantees are given as to its accuracy or correctness. Therefore any use, for any purpose, should be considered at your own risk.

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The devaluation of the Argentine currency abroad became evident even in the Banco Nación’s blackboards: the Montevideo branch of the Argentine state-owned bank reveals that if someone wants to buy dollars with pesos there, he/she will have to pay more than $ 18 for each U.S. bill.

The electronic blackboard of the BNA’s Uruguay branch has another peculiarity. The gap between the buying and selling price of the Argentine peso is 56%: the buying price is 1.3 Uruguayan pesos, but the selling price is 2.3 Uruguayan pesos.

The gap between the buying and selling price of the Argentine peso at the Uruguayan branch of Banco Nación itself also implies that, for example, if the person who bought those 130 Uruguayan pesos decides to sell them to return to the country with Argentine pesos, he will receive only $ 56.52 and will have lost almost 45% only in the exchange operation.