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Eating Japanese in Madrid is very simple. But eating good Japanese food, and also at a reasonable price, is quite complicated. Hence my surprise when I came across DokiDoki, a restaurant that has managed to become a reference among lovers of Japanese cuisine in the capital.

From there, we opted for the Assortment of Gyozas, which includes two pieces of vegetable curry, two pieces of Iberian pork cheek and two pieces of wagyu oxtail (each with its own sauce). So forget about the typical chicken and vegetable gyozas, because these are of another level.

And from there, to finish with the “appetizers”, we tried the anchovy tempura with eel and sweet red bell pepper sauce. A very original dish, which I had never seen prepared in this way, and which avoids the “sota-caballo-rey” that some Japanese offer as starters. Very good! You can also find vegetable tempura, prawns and dokidoki (a variety of seafood, fish and vegetables).

And from there we moved on to the Spicy Salmon with salmon tartar, crispy tempura and slightly spicy sauce. Original and very, very tasty. And both the crunchy and the spicy touch are a success.

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Hello everyone! Today we are going to talk about the Japanese restaurant Doki Doki, surely one of the great unknowns of Madrid but that, no doubt, rubs shoulders with Japanese of the magnitude of 99 sushi bar, Miyama or Kabuki. Surely, this feeling of ignorance contributes to its location, a little hidden in a parallel street between Serrano and Castellana, although it is not very difficult to find. The place has a very modern decoration, with a predominance of white and wood, creating very avant-garde-looking furniture. Undoubtedly, a cool place.

The fact that it is not as well known as its rivals does not mean that you should not book in advance, because if you intend to book from one day to the next, you will have a hard time finding a place. We booked in advance so there would be no surprises. After making our choices and waiting a moderately long time (the wait was worth it), our dishes arrived.

Our first choice was this Unagi Furai Maki which is basically a crispy eel hosomaki. The truth is that, despite the simplicity of our first choice, we have to say that it was delicious and had nothing to envy to those prepared by the competition. We liked them very much.

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Just like that. With the headline I could stop writing, because I’ve already said everything. I leave no room for imagination or intrigue… I’m betting that you will not continue reading this post, but you will have left having clear that Doki Doki is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Madrid. Of that, I have no doubt.

My stay in Japan has served to educate my palate as far as Japanese food is concerned. While before I really liked their cuisine, now I see myself with the ability to discern the best Japanese restaurants in Madrid.

As soon as you walk in the door you feel it. It seems silly, but the pleasant temperature of the place makes you relax to enjoy one of the trendiest restaurants in Madrid. The wood that runs along the walls to caress the bar and the central tables help to achieve a real visual temperature.

As a good Japanese restaurant, the master of sushi is almost greeting when entering this modern restaurant in downtown Madrid. Behind the original wooden bar, one of the star dishes of this trendy restaurant is prepared. Undoubtedly, Doki Doki is one of the best sushi restaurants in Madrid, so that person you see as soon as you enter is the real artist.