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La Campana makes this sandwich like few others. In individual open breads and filled to the top with calamari for 3 euros nothing. Few with a better value for money. In an endless production, as you can see through the window that overlooks their kitchen. The bread comes ready to serve the calamari arrived by the thousands from Vigo and stored on the premises. And everything is prepared daily. They are perfect sandwiches for one, but shared they don’t leave you hungry. The best thing you can do is to get a space at the bar and for 5 euros you can have a squid sandwich, a double beer and a plate of delicious olives.

But what if I am allergic to squid or simply do not like these bugs? Well, don’t worry, La Campana will still be a place to go and enjoy. Because you have sandwiches to choose from in a few more flavors: tortilla, bacon, bacon, bacon, pork loin, chorizo, sausage, anchovies, blood sausage and peppers. All also at 3 euros. And you also have portions: calamari, chorizo, black pudding and anchovies at 6 euros; or bravas, tortilla or ali-oli at 4 euros. And there are also pinchos at 3 euros!

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The next stop is literally next door, at Botoneras, 4. La Campana shares a wall with La Ideal, another of the typical places to try the calamari sandwich in the Plaza Mayor. They say it is the most generous in the filling and one of the juiciest you can find in Madrid de los Austrias. But it is something that we will not be able to check this time, it is closed. Not now, but since March 15, when the Government decreed the state of alarm. “As far as I know, they don’t open because it’s not profitable, if they open they have to pay expenses, workers’ contributions… and without customers, it’s not worth it”, says José about his neighbors.

The squid route is a real failure. Of the five (not counting those that also make them and are less well known, but which have also closed down: Bar Postas, Sol Mayor or Café Los Arcos) only two are open and do not augur well for the future, the rest remain silent. The rest are silent. Will it be the end of the calamari sandwich in Madrid? Follow the topics that interest you.

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When I was a kid I used to go to Plaza Mayor almost every weekend, if not every weekend, to have a couple of calamari sandwiches instead of going to BK or McD’s like most people my age did back then. And I used to do it skating while I had a piparras bosa in my hand instead of the french fries that the rest of my friends used to eat, I think I was already showing my skills back then 😉

Unfortunately, this sandwich has not escaped the greed of the restaurants in the area and today there are very few good ones. But, fortunately, others have taken over, making renewed versions that are as different as they are good, and these are the favorites of Tragaldabas Profesionales.

Everyone who knows me knows how much I like Javi Estévez’s cuisine, when someone asks me for restaurant recommendations in Madrid La Tasquería is always the first one I recommend, and John Barrita was not going to like it any less.

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Calamares also outside the Plaza Mayor. How many times have we been to the Plaza Mayor to eat some calamares sandwiches at an average price of 3 euros? Many, I have no doubt. However, not so many people know that there are squid sandwiches far beyond those in the Plaza Mayor. And even, being out of the tourist center, they will cost you less. La Campana, in Botoneras street, is one of them. I recommend the aforementioned calamari sandwiches, but that’s not all they have to eat.

Famous calamari sandwiches. La Campana is one of those places worth knowing, located in Botoneras street, it is one of those cheap bars where it is nice to go for lunch based on squid sandwich (which is the most famous) or anything else well castiza as a good potato omelette, and the best, the price, which is perfect to go daily and not leave your salary in lunches.