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Description: One of the most spectacular and versatile places in the north of Madrid. The magic of Ireland for your leisure and relaxation time. It is undoubtedly the most emblematic Irish pub in Madrid, with a spectacular decoration spread over its more than 1,000 square meters and two floors. A classic Irish pub recently renovated, a huge indoor beer garden, a fabulous library and a new porch with a garden open to the street. A highly versatile space that, due to its layout, makes it possible to hold all kinds of events, from the most intimate and private to the most festive and numerous. And all with an unbeatable range of technical resources.

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Today, the nightlife is not so busy in this neighborhood and with a good view, the management of the Irish Rover is transforming it into a place to have a drink after work, so its gastronomic offer has improved a lot.

Although the renovation of the premises has not affected the interior or the upstairs, the fact is that the opening of a terrace for summer and a glass-enclosed room for winter has transformed the overall appearance of the Irish Rover. It may be because of the light coming through the windows or the feeling of space, but when you enter this place it feels like you are in a new place.

In addition to the retransmissions of all kinds of sporting events, in which of course you can continue to consume their quality beer or the classic burgers, they have maintained the agendas of concerts, workshops and other activities, which are supported by the Moby Dick another classic of the night to continue the party at the close of the Irish Rover.

Where they are trying to make a major change is in the section of the gastronomic offer as it has hired a new chef, Gabriel Cabestany who comes from the Urban Hotel and the Santo Mauro and is turning around the menu of this Irish pub. The aim is to move from night to day, less drinking and more eating, looking at the customers who now come to the Irish Rover, both at lunchtime and after work.

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To do this, in our application you have a complete agenda with all the concerts, sessions, parties and other events that take place not only in The Irish Rover, but also in the other 5 venues that make up Grupo Moby Dick: Moby Dick Club, Areia Chill Out, Lola 09, Revoltosa and Sifón.

A plan whereby all employees of the companies that are linked to the plan, get interesting discounts and advantages in all their visits to The Irish Rover and the rest of the premises of Moby Dick Group: Moby Dick Club, Areia Chill Out, Revoltosa…

And because now more than ever, we need to team up, our Events Department offers affiliated companies a wide portfolio of events to organize in our premises: from lunches and dinners, to wine tastings, cocktail workshops, coffee breaks, courses and streaming presentations, etc.

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With a privileged location, within walking distance of the Plaza de Ópera, is located The Cavern Irish Pub, another of those places that can not miss on your list of favorite Irish pubs in Madrid. It is undoubtedly one of the best establishments in the capital to enjoy great games, both English and Spanish league.another of the strengths of The Cavern Irish Pub is its Irish coffee, one of the most demanded among customers. It is made, as it could not be otherwise, with whiskey from Ireland, and will delight coffee drinkers and those who are not so much.

In the Arturo Soria area is The Irish Corner Tavern, a place where Irish culture can be breathed on all four sides. Inside, the visitor can not help but feel that he has traveled without leaving his seat to the most popular drinking district in Ireland: Temple Bar, ideal for lovers of sporting events, this tavern will delight those who wish to spend a pleasant time away from the bustle of the center.You may also be interested in this other article on The best bars and pubs in Madrid.