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Canal Sur embarked on the first production with other regional television channels of FORTA in ‘Olé tus videos’, a home video contest that was presented by Rosa María Sardá in its first stage and by Javier Sardá in the second.

David Arnaiz (‘Yo soy Bea’, ‘Allí Abajo’), Ana Ruiz (‘Camera Café’), María Espejo (‘La tarde’), Javier Aguilar (‘Canal Sur Noticias’), Fabio Arrante and Tutti Márquez were some of the most legendary presenters of ‘La banda’, which is also a club of which 729,000 Andalusians have had their membership card full of advantages and discounts.

In 2007, Canal Sur decided to bet on a talent that discovered the new promises of the Andalusian copla.  Thus was born ‘Se llama copla’ with Eva González as presenter and Chayo Mohedano, Hilario López Millán and Pive Amador as jury.  During the first editions, it had a daily summary due to the high expectation aroused in it. It became an authentic media phenomenon in Andalusia, something that many took advantage of to baptize it as the Andalusian ‘Operación Triunfo’. The final gala of the 1st edition, with a 52.7% audience share and one and a half million viewers, became the program with the highest audience share in the history of the regional channel.

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It was presented by María del Monte and featured Sevillanas singers competing in it.[1] The program premiered on June 11, 2016, and began as a summer replacement of the contest Se llama copla, and it was planned that after the summer the copla contest would return to Canal Sur. However, the high audience figures achieved by Yo soy del sur week after week, reaching over half a million viewers,[2] led to the extension of its duration beyond the summer and the cancellation of the broadcast of Se llama copla.

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From now until the end, every Saturday we will live a battle of art to get a place in the Grand Final. Last week Jairo was able to keep his seat, but this week one of our contestants went to the street. Do you know who?

A program dedicated to sevillanas, hosted by a great expert on the subject: María del Monte.  We will travel through several Andalusian cities in search of new stars of one of the most characteristic musical arts of Andalusia. Yo soy del Sur also wants to be a tribute to the most famous composers and singers of sevillanas of all times.

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As a result, María del Monte is left without the program Yo soy del sur, dedicated to search for Andalusian musical talents, while Juan y Medio cuts his collaboration, losing Menuda noche but keeping the daily La tarde, aquí y ahora.

Meanwhile, it is already taken for granted that Mariló Montero will return to the Andalusian channel after more than a decade of long leave of absence, during which time the journalist has developed her work in TVE, where she was relieved by María Casado, and has taken a long break.

The formats, from now on, will be put out to tender and will no longer be commissioned to regular production companies. Canal Sur Radio and Television will end the current year with a deficit of approximately 5 million euros.