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TVE1’s regular broadcasts began at 20:30, with the intervention of Minister Arias Salgado and the director of TVE. This was followed by a religious ceremony blessing the studios in honor of Santa Clara, patron saint of television. Afterwards, there was a musical intermission, NO-DO documentaries, an exhibition of regional dances by the Choirs and Dances of the Women’s Section, and a piano concert.[6] The broadcast ended before midnight. Since there was no videotape system at that time, those first minutes do not appear in the channel’s archive, which only has the images recorded by NO-DO.[7] Gabriel Arias Salgado uttered the first words:[8]

In addition, on January 1, 1965, TVE premiered in tests its second television channel, which broadcast by UHF technology and was known as UHF (currently, La 2). TVE moved the alternative programs to the second channel, and turned the first one into a generalist television for the whole family.[17] On the other hand, TVE1 was the most accessible channel for the whole population, because at that time few TV sets could pick up UHF and some even needed a decoder.[18] The first channel was the most accessible channel for the whole population, because at that time few TV sets could pick up UHF and some even needed a decoder.[19] TVE1 was the most accessible channel for the whole population.

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RTVE a la carta is one of the most outstanding services offered by the group. To watch all the content of RTVE a la carte you only need an Internet connection that allows you to access all the RTVE channels, both television and radio.

The RTVE a la carte service has a large number of functionalities, some of which allow you to watch programs already broadcasted. To access RTVE a la carte you just have to connect to its website or use the free RTVE a la carte application.

RTVE’s programs and series form the main cast of the group. RTVE has a great entertainment offer, with well-known series and programs with a large audience. In the RTVE a la carte service you can enjoy a multitude of chapters and watch editions of programs at the time you want.

If you are a registered user, you can create alerts so as not to miss the RTVE programs and series you are following. In addition, you can also create your own playlist to be able to watch the contents in the order you prefer.

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We are going to tell you how to watch live TV on the Internet, and where you can find the channels. We are going to divide the article in two parts, first with the free channels you can watch online and then with paid services that include TV channels.

Other methods to watch DVB-T online are also available, and now we are going to focus on the free sites and programs. Here you have a list with the main free proposals that you will find:

And we finish with this chart, in which you can see some paid services that include the possibility to watch TV online. Some of the services belong to operators, but they can be contracted independently. In these cases, we have put the prices that it costs to contract them without also contracting an operator’s tariff.

This is the case of PTV Television, with its impressive list of 100 TV channels. If you are a customer of the operator it costs only 8 euros per month, but if you are not the price is much higher. The same goes for Ahí+ TV, which has a fairly low price, but it should be noted that it is offered free of charge to customers.

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A mi personalmente me encanta esta App, me encanta ver sus series, programas y películas, soy de Centroamérica y vivo en USA pero me encantan las películas, series etc de otros países, lo único que no me gusta es que muchos de los programas de tv no se pueden ver en esta zona, ojalá nos dieran más opciones aunque tengamos que pagar una cantidad mínima me encantaría tener acceso a todo lo que tienen, espero que mi reseña les ayude a mejorar y que nos dejen tener un poco más del gran trabajo

Esta es una muy buena aplicación, funciona muy bien, puedes reflejar en tu TV los programas en full HD, el contenido es bueno, la apariencia es buena… pero, muchos de los programas (los mejores) están limitados por la geolocalización y no se reproducen. Es realmente triste que estén limitando los contenidos/programas que puedes ver a las regiones (geolocalizaciones), lo cual es un cambio nuevo ya que funcionaba bien y sin limitaciones ni restricciones hasta mediados de mayo de 2020. En resumen está muy bien hasta que se convierte en un ladrillo cuando no puedes reproducir los programas. La mayoría de los contenidos no se reproducen/funcionan en USA.