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As a result of the retouching that Rafa Mora has revealed during the Sálvame program, the rest of the collaborators have taken the opportunity to talk not only about their own retouching, but also about what they would like to have done in the near future. And one of those who has spoken openly about it has been Belén Esteban: “I’ve done everything. I’ve had my breasts done, I’ve had my face done, but there’s still something left to do.

The one who has had the worst time has been Carmen Borrego who, before the mockery of Kiko Matamoros, has spoken about her problems when she decided to undergo surgery to reduce her double chin. “Then you complain when they call you macho, but criticize the physique of a woman …” Carmen Borrego has attacked him.

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Kiko even dances next to Lydia showing that they have good vibes despite the clashes they usually star and finally the images show even Sofia Cristo and the director of the program dancing.

Without going any further, this Saturday, Isa Pantoja visited the program to talk about her controversy with Kiko Rivera, about whom she said, “He attacks me for no reason. I’m fed up, it has bothered me. I have jumped, because it seems unnecessary. He says that I have no trade or benefit and it seems that I talk about his family, as if it were not my family”.

Telecinco salvame deluxe belen esteban 2022

At the beginning of the program, Belén Esteban insisted that the man from Chipiona owes her 6,000 euros. For his part, Amador Mohedano has continued to deny it at all times: “I have done work with Belén Esteban for which I have not been paid and I have never claimed it,” he said. However, the collaborator of Sábado Deluxe, visibly upset and willing to settle the controversy, has offered to know the whole truth through Conchita’s polygraph.

The polygraph of the Telecinco program has proven Belén Esteban right and has corroborated that the collaborator is not lying when she says that Rosa Benito’s ex owes her 6,000 euros. In addition, Rafael Amargo has intervened in Sábado Deluxe through a phone call to support Belén Esteban in her war against Amador Mohedano, since he was present at the controversial gala of the Carnival of Tenerife.

On the other hand, María Jiménez has become the other great protagonist of Amador Mohedano’s interview in the Telecinco program. The one from Chipiona has said that working with María Jiménez was not easy at all, a statement that has made the artist explode, who has sent many audios to the collaborators present on the set of Sábado Deluxe.