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Faced with a conflict with a company or professional, first of all it is advisable to try to find a solution through dialogue. If this is not possible, an official Junta de Andalucía complaints and claims form can be requested to record the situation, either:

To submit a complaint and claim form in paper format, you can request a copy from the company to which you are going to complain, or download the form directly from this same web page (fillable form | non-fillable form). If the company is a member of the Hoj@ System (electronic complaints and claims form system), the complaint can be submitted electronically using the electronic certificate.

If the complaint and claim form is requested to the company, the delivery of the same is mandatory, immediate and free of charge, even if the product has not been delivered or the service has not been provided. In addition, the following issues should be taken into account:

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More than 800 kilometers of coastline, two National Parks and cities like Seville, Cordoba or Granada, are the letter of introduction of Andalusia, but this land is much more. Discover the essential places you should not miss if you come to Andalusia and enjoy the trip!

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The Regional Ministry of Economic Transformation, Industry, Knowledge and Universities has awarded the strategy and operations consultancy Science & Innovation Link Office (SILO) the technical office that will support the Idea Agency in the necessary steps for the opening of the Center for Innovation in Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (CFA) in Cadiz in 2022.

With this award, the Department of Economic Transformation continues to meet the deadlines of its roadmap for the CFA of Cadiz to start offering its services to companies within the implementation period of the Feder Funds, which co-finance the investment of 21.5 million euros required for the implementation of this center. In accordance with the regulations governing these funds, this investment must be executed and justified in 2023.

It will also be in charge of defining the equipment and drawing up the specifications for its acquisition, as well as supporting the justification of the application of European Funds. This call, awarded for 148,572 euros, closed the deadline for the submission of bids on June 25 with the presentation of four applications.

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Sentencia del Tribunal de Justicia (Sala Séptima) de 25 de febrero de 2021.#Novo Banco SA contra Junta de Andalucía. #Referencia prejudicial – Libertad de establecimiento Libre circulación de capitales – Fiscalidad Impuesto sobre los depósitos de la clientela de las entidades de crédito – Deducciones fiscales concedidas únicamente a las entidades con domicilio social o agencias en el territorio de la Comunidad Autónoma de Andalucía – Deducciones fiscales concedidas únicamente por inversiones en proyectos realizados en dicha Comunidad Autónoma – Sistema común del Impuesto sobre el Valor Añadido (IVA) Directiva 2006/112/CE Artículo 401 Prohibición de percibir otros impuestos nacionales calificados como impuestos sobre el volumen de negocios Concepto de “impuesto sobre el volumen de negocios” Características esenciales del IVA Ninguna.#Caso C-712/19.