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ANIMALS SENSE SOSTRE invites you to visit us, live your own experiences with our friends and workers, maybe you will be encouraged to join our group of VOLUNTEERS.  Every day we collect abandoned animals, some elderly, sick, injured, need medication and even operations, know their stories in RESCATES AND ANIMAL HEALTH, all are microchipped, vaccinated and sterilized, this is an important veterinary expense, if you want to help us, go to DONATE and choose the form of your collaboration.

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Our PPP (potentially dangerous dogs) suffer from a double stigma: being abandoned, and being considered less adoptable simply because they belong to a breed catalogued as potentially dangerous. However, most of these dogs are neither more aggressive nor more difficult than any other dog. On the contrary, many of them are especially gentle, obedient and grateful. In some cases they may require an extra effort of socialization, or a greater amount of exercise; nothing special.

They are delivered with an adoption contract that includes vaccination, identification chip and sterilization. A PPP license is mandatory by law, which consists of a simple psycho-technical exam and a criminal record check. In any town hall they can inform you where to get this license. In some places the license for adopted dogs is at a reduced price, another facility for the adoption of these mimosas.

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Adopting is one of the best experiences in life. Give an animal that has been abandoned or mistreated a new chance. Adopt, your love and gratitude will last a lifetime.

The main objective is to take care of the animals and offer them the best conditions of health, hygiene, food and welfare; and above all, that these services are affordable for everyone, and in particular for those most in need. Because animals, although they do not understand the crisis or the economy, suffer directly from the current economic situation of families.

Surely we will not be able to respond automatically, the entities that manage animal shelters, in addition to carrying out educational projects and processing complaints of mistreatment, have as a priority the daily work in the shelter.

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We fight against circuses with animals, bullfighting, bulls with bulls, fur coats, zoos, people who have their animals tied to their balconies, tied in chains…to all these people we want them to know that we are at their side and that we will do everything in our power so that they do not run away with their own.

Adopting an animal is an act of generosity in which the cat or cat from the shelter becomes part of a family that is committed to take care of it and to love it for the rest of its life. You make that one of our inhabitants becomes part of your family. They all deserve to find a good family and a definitive home that gives them the affection and stability they need.