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Si quieres acceder al Portal Séneca, aquí te facilitamos el enlace oficial. Hemos resumido todas las páginas de acceso relacionadas con el Portal Séneca. Esta enorme lista está al día y también la actualizamos cada cierto tiempo. Por lo tanto, es nuestro consejo personal que por favor vaya a través de los enlaces proporcionados a continuación.

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Passing the competitive examinations opens a new employment relationship with the Education Administration. From this moment on, labor relations are governed by administrative law and are different from those of other groups governed by labor law or collective bargaining agreements.

Once the selective process has been passed, the following academic year (except for justified reasons) the internship phase must be carried out, regulated by the regulations that the Regional Ministry publishes for this purpose at the beginning of that academic year. The Educational Inspection Service of the Provincial Delegation must contact the officials in the internship phase to explain how it works.

Once the civil servants have passed the competitive examinations and have been assigned to their posts, they must register with MUFACE, the mutual insurance company that covers all civil servants who are State employees. Each Provincial Delegation is obliged to send a list of names at the beginning of the course, but it is advisable for the interested party to check with MUFACE in the corresponding province. This mutual insurance company replaces the general Social Security system.


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