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The firefighters of the Diputación de Zaragoza have rescued this Sunday, November 28, a total of seven vehicles that had been trapped on several roads in the region of Cinco Villas due to the snowstorm.

The snowstorm as it passes through the Aragonese community has caused the cutting of three roads in the provinces of Teruel and Huesca, and the mandatory use of chains or winter tires on about thirty roads.

The general secretary of Chunta Aragonesista, Isabel Lasobras, has held a telematic meeting with the presidencies of the Ligallos de Redolada of the regions of Zaragoza, which was also attended by the secretary of Organization, Antonio Angulo; the secretary of Local Policy, Miguel Jaime, and the Territorial secretary, Luis Arcega.

The V edition of the Gran Premio La Cartuja-Movera-La Alfranca has gathered again, this Sunday, November 28, hundreds of athletics lovers around one of the most popular sports events in the province of Zaragoza. On this occasion, more than 1,000 runners participated in this event that connects La Cartuja, Movera and the La Alfranca estate and consists of three modalities: 5k, 11k and 21k.

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La implacable violencia de la guerra contra el narcotráfico ha afectado a todos los habitantes de la ciudad, ya sea directamente o a través del aluvión de imágenes que documentan su terror. Las imágenes diarias de asesinatos, mutilaciones y guerras en Juárez, y en el resto de México, han forzado un sentido íntimo e inmediato de la mortalidad; cualquier sentido que hayamos desarrollado tiene ahora una relación directa con nuestro entorno. El flujo casi constante de estas imágenes y acontecimientos amplifica la muerte, un recordatorio urgente y alarmante de que es repentina e inevitable.

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The new strategy may benefit Galicia, with a very deteriorated conventional network and with the main high-performance access already built. How much has the high-speed line to Galicia really cost?

31 provinces are affected by the storm, which has forced the closure of numerous roads. A thousand trucks were stuck in Miranda de Ebro. A woman dies in Asturias when a landslide falls on top of a car.

“I flew with my husband, Audie Norris, just to eat in my city, Santiago”, says the ex-model and businesswoman, who became famous for appearing in Zara’s shop windows when “there were no models in their advertising”.

The carriers recall their role during the pandemic to supply society and regret that the Government turns a deaf ear to the plight of the sector by the rising price of diesel fuel

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Don Felipe VI praised the current president-editor, Pilar de Yarza, who announced that she will soon be replaced by her niece, Paloma de Yarza López-Madrazo. “Time and generations succeed one another, but what does not change is the spirit that unites them, nor does the newspaper,” said the King.

The King alluded to the other award winners, first of all the publishers Catalina and Soledad Luca de Tena, from ABC; Carmen Serra, from Grupo Serra; and Blanca García, from El Progreso, all four Mompeón 2020 Award winners.

“Thanks to people like you, many citizens can better understand the transcendental importance of the concepts of freedom of expression and information, enshrined in our Constitution”, for which the award-winning publishers have worked “always admirably” and “by vocation”.

Their work is “widely known by society”, continued the King, who praised the “solid professional careers in the field of communication” of the award winners, which reflect their “faithful commitment to an extraordinary profession”.