Noticias de salvame diario hoy

Sálvame telecinco

On other occasions it has been the channel itself, which has launched its faces to popularity, as is the case of Carlota Corredera, formerly in charge of directing Sálvame. Lara Álvarez, who presents Supervivientes together with Jorge Javier Vázquez, or Sonsoles Ónega.

6.What is the daily programming? Telecinco’s daily programming is characterized by the live broadcasting of two major programs: El programa de Ana Rosa and Sálvame, both of which are very close to the reality shows that the network is broadcasting.

Prior to the broadcasting of the midday news, Sonsoles Ónega takes over from Ana Rosa with ‘Ya es mediodía’, although it deals with very similar contents. In the evening, the Informativo is presented by Pedro Piqueras, who is in charge of being the opening act for the prime time program being broadcast.

Gran Hermano VIP, which with its seventh edition in 2019 caught 3,263,000 viewers and 32.5% in its galas. Data not seen since the entry of Belén Esteban in the house of GH VIP. It stopped airing in 2020 and was replaced by La Isla de las Tentaciones.

Rtve live

A few weeks ago, Anabel Pantoja disappeared from ‘Sálvame’ after her wedding to Omar Sánchez. The program was covering live the wedding of one of its star faces and her absence seemed to be motivated by a personal break and a possible honeymoon. However, Isabel Pantoja’s niece has announced that she will not return to the Telecinco program.

As she reveals in an exclusive interview for the magazine ‘Semana’, Anabel has decided to stop participating in the space produced by La Fábrica de la Tele: “I want to work with dignity”, she says. A decision to leave the program that is motivated by the numerous controversies in which she has been involved, both in her relationship with her now husband with her family. In fact, Anabel has been the protagonist of conflicts with her cousins Kiko Rivera and Isa P, with her father Bernardo and even with her aunt Isabel.

Anabel claims to have felt “ignored” in the program but also has good words: “To work in ‘Sálvame’ you have to be brave and all those who are there are brave”, says the collaborator, who adds: “I really wanted to have this life that I have right now”.

Mitele telecinco

“Betrayal of Kiko Hernández to a friend. We underline it,” Kike Calleja has advanced it in a live connection with the central newsroom of the program.  “We received a call in the investigation department of the program. We investigated it and, after thinking about it, the direction of the program has decided to reveal it,” he added.

Immediately afterwards they have broadcast a cut of a phone call in which a woman, with a distorted voice, claimed to have been betrayed by the usual collaborator of Sálvame.  “It’s something I have never dared to tell. He is a collaborator who plays dirty”.

Everything points to the fact that the accusation Kiko will have to face is the testimony of someone close to his inner circle. In any case, Kiko Hernández has been categorical: “I have never made montages and I have never betrayed a friend or a friend”. In addition, he has also launched a threat to that hidden voice: “If it’s not true, you’re going to shit”.

This is not the first collaborator of “Sálvame” to face an accusation of staging so far this week.  On Monday it was Gema López’s turn, who was allegedly accused of having staged her photos on the beach.

Viva la vida telecinco

The decision has been known thanks to the programming preview that all channels are obliged to do 72 hours in advance. There it has been verified that Sálvame Deluxe will disappear from the schedule in favor of a new program called Viva el verano.

Deluxe had planned to stop during the month of August and broadcast rehashes of the best moments of the season. However, on the first Friday of August it was decided to maintain the live broadcast, despite the fact that many of its workers had organized vacations.

And although many Deluxe workers were called to interrupt their vacations, it seems that in the end they have opted for a temporary solution to face the rival channel. This will be the second time that Viva la vida will be broadcasted in prime time and replacing Sálvame Deluxe. The previous occasion was after the Filomena snowfall, which made it impossible to maintain the usual programming.