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Vanesa Romero hangs up the apron after having been an exemplary candidate who has been overcome by the high culinary level of the tests of this edition. However, she has not known how to live it any other way because above all she has prioritized naturalness. “My face was a poem because I am a very transparent person. Anything that comes across my face I can’t hide it. Not being me Vanessa, being an actress is another thing,” he explained with a huge smile while telling that his winner of the sixth edition is Ivan Sanchez for everything he is suffering and his enormous talent.All about the program 3 of ‘Masterchef Celebrity 6’.

The jury of MasterChef Celebrity will challenge the contestants to elaborate an exquisite and complete dish with a maximum budget of 5 euros. In the supermarket they will find all the ingredients marked with their price, some by units and others by weight. They must calculate well the value of their shopping basket, because whoever goes over the budget will lose 15 minutes to cook. To prove that it is not an impossible challenge will participate Fran, finalist of MasterChef 9. In addition, the jury will invite La Terremoto de Alcorcón, aspirant of MasterChef Celebrity 5.Everything about program 2 of ‘Masterchef Celebrity 6’.

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Task: To make a free preparation with elements that they take from a conveyor belt (they had to take 7, if there were more, Santiago de Moro would take them out). Additional task: The conveyor belt is resumed so that the participants choose a package with an ingredient that they must include in their dish in a compulsory way.

Additional challenge: On this occasion, the cooking was done in pairs, assigned by the winner of the gold medal (Vicky Xipolitakis). The participants had to uncover the bells containing the recipes they had to prepare. They also had to draw the ingredients, so that the other could guess them and get them at the market.

Challenge: Cooking is done in pairs. They must make a twin dish (that is, they must both prepare the same thing), but as shown in the preview, there will be walls, so they will have to use their sense of hearing to complete the challenge. During the challenge, they are informed that the worst duo goes directly to Sunday’s elimination gala.

The task: an auction is held for different cuts of pork. The participants have time to use as money (90 minutes). Their bid is subtracted from the time they have to cook.

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Little by little the TV channels are launching their trump cards for this season that is now starting. While Antena 3 has taken the lead with ‘Infiel’, ‘Veo como cantas’ and ‘Los hombres de Paco’, the rest are being slower to launch their premieres.

But TVE has already moved the first of its pieces by announcing the premiere of the sixth edition of ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ for next Monday at 10.10 pm. Thus, the cooking talent will occupy the first night of the week against ‘Inocentes’ on Antena 3, Cuatro’s movies, laSexta’s ‘Taquillazo’ and while waiting to know what Telecinco’s offer will be.

In this way, ‘MasterChef Celebrity’ will be broadcasted for the first time on Monday nights after having been broadcasted until now on Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays with its previous editions. However, Mondays were when the eighth adult edition was broadcasted and also the third edition of ‘Maestros de la costura’.

The kitchen will move to emblematic places: the Alcázar of Segovia, the Royal Palace of Aranjuez, the island of Lazareto (Menorca) and the Monastery of San Jerónimo de Yuste (Cáceres), among others. It will be the first time that a television program will record in some of these sites, most of which are national, European and World Heritage treasures.

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16:2811/10/2021Who won the immunity pin? Raquel wins the challenge and the pin stays with the jury. None of the participants could get immunity, but Ivan in second place won the 4,000 euros.

As for Iván who got to prepare cresta de gallo, he got good opinions.15:4911/10/2021Julián and Arkano are the firstBoth contestants come to the front to present their dishes and explain how they did it. Carmina jokes with Arkano because he claims she was the one who gave him a tip.

15:1911/10/2021A psychic arrives on set to predict the future of the showThe celebrities enter the kitchen and are surprised to see a psychic, who has managed to intimidate more than one. She will read the cards to each one of them. The ritual starts with Terelu. Photo: La 1