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Whether it is Donald Trump’s denialist messages at the beginning of the pandemic or the multitude of TV personalities who continue to deny the seriousness of the coronavirus, the large number of denialists and anti-vaccine people in the United States are collapsing hospitals across the country.

In addition, if one clicks on the button where the message is the web page redirects to another page with all the necessary information to get vaccinated in the state of North Carolina, United States. From contact telephone numbers to locations and even all the information to refute the hoaxes about the coronavirus and vaccines.

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For the time being, central banks are either not making any moves or are doing so with absolute caution, despite the fact that the collateral effects of their ultra-expansionary policies are very numerous. For example, those that punish the financial system, whose profitability has been severely affected by the long period of negative financial margins. Another consequence is financial repression: savers – as the Germans denounce on a daily basis – feel penalized by negative interest rates, which force them to take risks in order not to lose part of the money they have accumulated. Thirdly, there is inflation, which affects assets such as real estate or the aforementioned stock markets, but which is also reaching the real world, due to some exogenous causes and other causes inherent to the excess of money in circulation.

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In the note, the Cercle chaired by Javier Faus denounces that «today neither Barcelona nor Catalonia have a shared model of prosperity that has the complicity of all agents». The economic institution focuses on five major projects that in its view must be reoriented: the tourism model, digitization and innovation, energy transition, life sciences and health and industry.

The Cercle questions whether there is an economic development model on the part of the Generalitat and Barcelona City Council and warns that when it is given «it is often strongly ideological, with a lack of pragmatism.» On other occasions – the institution continues – they are «models that generate confrontation, and, therefore, difficult to implement in societies as complex and diverse as ours.»

In this axis, the Cercle once again calls for a great pact to recover the expansion of El Prat airport. «It is the responsibility of all administrations to work to make the airport expansion a reality. Failure to do so is once again irresponsible,» reads the document.

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«Part of the actions are already underway,» said Jaume Collboni, who stressed the importance that the new uses of the Port Olímpic will have on the whole project, which will serve as a new economic and technological hub, but also as a training center.

«Now we will also make the economy look towards the Mediterranean, with a new blue economy strategy with which we will promote the creation of companies and quality jobs in activities,» stressed the head of the Consistory’s economic area.

The Institut Municipal d’Esports will promote a new center for maritime sportsIn this sense, BSM will carry out the transformation of more than 40,000 square meters in the Recer dock and the Gregal and Mestral docks, of which 8,121 square meters will be destined to blue economy.

The project also includes a new center for maritime sports, promoted by the Institut Municipal d’Esports, as well as a new training and technology node with a new 12,000 square meter facility specialized in higher education, professional training and research.