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«With this ambitious project we have the expectation of supporting the digital transformation process of the Colombian business fabric and specifically in Medellin,» said to Efe the deputy director of the General Management of ESIC, Felipe Llano, who led the inauguration.

It also has areas adapted for individual and collaborative work, a network of contacts and classrooms as «Site Labs», which are adapted so that students can address the same challenge simultaneously.

The executive director of ESIC Medellin, Camilo Arango, said that beyond a physical plant, it will be a space of «hyperconnection» to transmit knowledge based on innovation, creativity and research, in addition to the study of real cases.

«The purpose of the project is to transform society with avant-garde programs,» said Arango and warned that the intention is to go «at the same speed as the business fabric» with digital transformation as the axis.

This project will start activities on July 26, 2021 with the «Senior Management Programs», which will have a capacity for 150 places to address training from the digital perspective in business, sales, talent, innovation and technology.

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Our goal is not only to train excellent professionals, but also excellent people and citizens. That’s why MÁS ESIC’s mission is also for you to get to know other realities and actively participate in the construction of a better world. You can join national and international volunteering activities, collaborate in actions to collect food, toys, medicines, etc., in solidarity events, etc.

Sport and Business share the same values: effort, sacrifice, self-improvement, teamwork… For this reason, at ESIC we support sports and organize events such as the Company Race or different tournaments (paddle, golf…).

Disruptive Technologies are based on innovation and constitute a real revolution, they are great enablers of new business opportunities in a very competitive ecosystem and subject to constant change. Come and discover it.

Your time at ESIC will be much more than studying and taking exams. It is learning, culture, leisure, fun? Check our agenda for all our activities, from sports, workshops, seminars, cycles… to theater or volunteering activities.

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ESIC offers the most comprehensive training in business management, with a special focus on innovation, entrepreneurship and the digital economy, both in the undergraduate and graduate areas.

ESIC is one of the best schools when it comes to integrating digitalization and marketing in the management area; this allows the school to transform and empower its students by providing them with practical academic knowledge, business ethics and a professional profile that fits perfectly with today’s global, competitive and digital society.

ESIC strives to transform and empower its students by providing them with a high quality education, as well as solid professional and personal values, so that they can develop their careers responsibly and exercise key roles in their organizations and social environments.

Want to learn more about a program? Choose a program from the list and fill out the form, including any questions you have. This information will be sent directly to the school, and a representative will respond to your inquiry.

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In 2019 the Assembly of Madrid approved the bill authorizing the creation of ESIC Universidad, so that the institution can teach and issue its own undergraduate degrees without having to be attached to another university.[2] The decision of the regional parliament, which approved by a majority vote, concluded the process initiated by ESIC in July 2014, when it applied to the Government of the Community of Madrid to create ESIC Universidad de Madrid.

The decision of the regional parliament, which approved the proposal by majority, concluded the process initiated by ESIC in July 2014, when it applied to the Government of the Community of Madrid for authorization to create ESIC Universidad, with the aim of bringing together the official degrees it already taught and expanding the training offer with new degrees and qualifications.

Its academic offer in terms of postgraduate studies is made up of different types of MBA’s (Master in Business Administration) and various specialized master’s degrees from Marketing to Human Resources, including Sales and Marketing or Finance.