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The epidemiologist, in an interview in Andalucía a dos voces, has been categorical in affirming that we cannot think of a pre-pandemic Christmas with a growing incidence and an occupation in ICU that has doubled in two weeks.

Maritime Rescue has indicated that the device began this Saturday around 13:00 hours after the wife of one of the fishermen gave notice that her husband had not returned after leaving the day before.

There is a great lack of drivers and there are no people who want to work in this. The pay is low. They can’t make ends meet. Filling the tank costs about 1,500 euros more per month. They are asking for help and better jobs.  The Reporters climb into the cab to find out how they live.

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Interview by Manuel Pedraz to Juan Villoro, for the program Historias de papel, about “La tierra de la gran promesa” (Literatura Random House), a novel that starts from a real fact to, through a fiction, approach the reality of the recent history of his country. The fire at the Cineteca in Mexico in 1982 is the starting point for a story starring a documentary filmmaker who has to flee his country after working with a drug trafficker. But the past haunts him and he has to return to Mexico to confront it.

The leader of Ciudadanos, Inés Arrimadas, does not rule out an electoral coalition with the PP in Andalusia. Arrimadas maintains that the objective in the next elections is to re-edit the government of PP and Ciudadanos, now that Vox, she has said, “no longer adds up”.

The December long weekend begins, it also does so without restrictions on hours or mobility so a very good influx of visitors is expected in the province, especially in the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche.

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En el último pleno del Ayuntamiento de Nerja se acordó solicitar ante la Delegación Provincial de Salud que esta administración sanitaria cumpla con su compromiso adquirido con el municipio y le remita el Proyecto Técnico del nuevo centro médico, para que sea aprobado por el pleno municipal y se inicien las obras.

El Ayuntamiento de Nerja va a solicitar a la Consejería de Comercio y Turismo de la Junta de Andalucía que levante una multa impuesta a varios comercios de la localidad por la celebración de la Feria de Oportunidades de Nerja.

El alcalde de Motril, Carlos Rojas, ha renunciado a la alcaldía para ocupar un puesto en el Parlamento regional. Esperaba poder mantener ambos cargos, pero una nueva ley impide a los políticos hacerlo, como es lógico.

Si hay algo que puede hacer perder las elecciones autonómicas a los socialistas (PSOE) es el escándalo de los ERE. Esto sí que es asombrosamente escandaloso, incluso en un país donde la corrupción parece ser un deporte olímpico. Sigue leyendo…