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Currently the entire portfolio of apartments and houses owned by Bankia is for sale with strong discounts from Haya Inmobiliaria, a real estate portal that manages more than 6000 foreclosed homes owned by the bank. Bankia offers 100% financing for the purchase of homes owned by Bankia.

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The rent to buy allows the tenant to live in a house paying monthly installments, as in an ordinary rental, but after a period of time established in advance, the tenant has the right to choose to buy the house.

The lease with option to buy is a double or mixed contract modality, in which clauses of both the rental model and the purchase-sale model are included. This model contract does not appear in the Civil Code, but it is accepted and contemplated in the Mortgage Regulation and in the Urban Leasing Law (LAU).

The contract must obligatorily include the object of the contract and the established price. In addition, it must contain formalities taking into account the rent and the sale and purchase separately. Regarding the lease it has to be stated:

It is necessary to bear in mind that in this type of contract the price of the sale does not vary, which can be an advantage or a disadvantage, since it can be above or below the market. What can change are the monthly rent payments, which can be altered according to the CPI (Consumer Price Index).

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The real estate part of Bankia is the responsibility of Haya Real Estate, the real estate portal to which the bank awarded the contract for the management of the real estate it owns. If you are looking for cheap apartments, Bankia puts at your disposal more than 6000 real estate assets both for sale and for rent. In addition, you can finance up to 100% of the value of the property.

Bankia reached an agreement in 2018 with the real estate portal Haya Real Estate for the management of all its real estate assets. The bank offers financing of up to 100% for the purchase of the more than 6000 properties that Haya Real Estate manages on behalf of the bank.

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In the houses rented with option to buy there is a mixed contract in which two sub-agreements are included: one for renting and another one for a possible future sale and purchase. In this way, the tenant lives under a lease for a specific period of time and, once that period has elapsed, has the right to buy the property at the agreed price, from which the rent paid up to that date will be deducted.

The rent with option to buy does not have to have a higher rental fee, but we will have to make an initial disbursement to contribute the premium for the option to buy if the owner asks us for it. This premium is also subject to transfer tax (ITP).

The contract of the houses of rent with right to purchase is not of the most typical ones, since it is not regulated expressly in the Civil Code, although yes it is accepted by the Mortgage Regulation and in the Law of Urban Leases (LAU).

On the other hand, if the tenant decides to extend the rental period, he may do so provided that the other party agrees. What happens more frequently is that the tenants decide to acquire their rented property with option to buy earlier than agreed.