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Since its beginnings, Banco Sabadell’s will has been to help people and companies to make their projects a reality, anticipating and ensuring that they make the best economic decisions. We do this through responsible management committed to the environment and society.

Banco Sabadell’s business model is focused on customer service, digitalization, balance sheet strength and geographic diversification, solvency and the creation of long-term value for our shareholders, for our employees and for society.

It is the brand specializing in Private Banking, essentially dedicated to the management of high-income and high net worth clients. It is characterized by personalized management and extensive experience in wealth advisory services for individuals and institutions.

Banco de sabadell, s.a. (london).

When you cancel your bank account you will have to return or tear up the debit and credit card associated with it even if you have an account at the same bank. Also, before canceling a bank account you should take into account:

My wife has an account at Banco Sabadell that we no longer use, we have an account with card debt and account fees. I want to know if I can close it with the debts because they are charging maintenance fees.

Indeed, Sabadell has been charging maintenance fees for their accounts. However, to close your Sabadell account, you will have to pay off the card debt first, as the card is linked to the account and, with an outstanding debt, you cannot close the product.

Another option, although complicated, could be to apply for a credit card at your new bank and once it is approved (approximately one month between analysis and sending the card to your home address) you can make a transfer from the credit line to your old account to pay off the debt with your old credit card.


Banco Sabadell’s website is banc sabadell. There you can access all the products it offers to customers. Banco Sabadell online is one of the innovations it introduced in private banking.

Banco Sabadell has in its product portfolio of services for both individuals and companies. Among this variety we have selected those that seem to us the most relevant and that can bring more benefit to both companies and individuals.

Banco Sabadell has a wide range of bank accounts for both individuals and companies in order to satisfy the needs of all users.  The most outstanding are the following:

This process is done exclusively in person at a branch, previously you can request the appointment online through their website or by phone. To find out which Banco Sabadell branches are closest to you, you can consult the following website: Banco Sabadell branches

Banc sabadell particulars

In 2015 the entity unifies its territorial brands under the name ‘Sabadell’, while in October 2017 the bank moves its registered office to Alicante due to the Catalan independence process.

Banco Sabadell offers financial services aimed at individuals and companies, in addition to private banking. In its catalog of consumer products, it has products for day-to-day management, such as commission-free accounts and savings accounts, although it does not have savings accounts without payroll (all those available require a certain linkage). It also offers savings and investment products such as deposits, pension plans and investment funds, among others. In terms of financing, it markets credit cards, personal loans and mortgages, both fixed-rate and variable-rate.