Javier cansado y su mujer

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They have appeared on the radio, fleetingly in the cinema and have recently published two books about their shows, with videos. They have also done several separate works, although Cansado is more active than Faemino who maintains a more mysterious attitude, although both are in contact with their followers through the networks.

Their shows are made up of a succession of gags, generally about ordinary situations taken to the absurd. They are usually very elaborate stories with lots of details. They do not talk about current events, they do not do imitations, they do not make jokes about politicians,[12] They hardly use special sets or costumes.

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-Our humor is also political, but it is not based on badmouthing Marano Rajoy or José Luis Zapatero. It is more conceptual and, thanks to that, it does not lose its topicality. In the improvisations, María Teresa Fernández de la Vega, Sarcozy or the Pope may appear, but it is not in the script.

-Of course, not in my profession, now I also combine it with radio, Digital Plus? I love it. And in the rest of things I’m quite isolated. I don’t watch much TV and I’m not very attentive to current affairs. I’m not even tired of the crisis.

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The staging is important and the comedian should be more serious. But I can’t help it. The show is very good because it has its intellectual part, of surprise, and of course we do the usual characters, the storytellers, the joke tellers, the ones we say are our great uncles, something consubstantial to us, the couple of Arroyito and Pozuelón, with a very funny story.

The agenda also does not allow him much more between touring, radio and television with Ilustres Ignorantes, the seventh season in this new course. But it is more apparent than anything else. For example, the Ilustres Ignorantes program is recorded in the Galileo hall, which is three blocks from my house. It’s an improvisation program, and I dedicate just enough time to it. What I do spend time on is touring, since we go out once or twice. In other words, I go out seven or eight times a month with Carlos and at least twice a month with

Ilustres. What happens is that I move a lot. And the radio. I have the problem that I’m a very proactive person, I’m enthusiastic about my work, they call me to write things and I don’t refuse. They abuse me, but I repeat that I like it very much. Of course, they pay me.

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In these same TVE-1 Diaries, the actor Juan Margallo and his wife, the actress Petra Martínez, also starred in another meditative sketch. Juan tells Petra that this confinement has helped him to get rid of his fear: «I am no longer afraid of death. I feel like Juan without fear. Ah! This reference to the Brothers Grimm fairy tale is appropriate.  John fearless was a creature who was not afraid of anything at all. Nothing made him tremble. And the King of that country, impressed, granted him the hand of his daughter. It was a very beautiful wedding. Until one day the little princess poured a bucket of ice water over him and Juan fearlessly began to tremble for the first time in his life.

The other day, in Los desayunos de TVE-1, the deputy of VOX Macarena Olona protested because at the moment TVE is dedicated to making a humor series like the Diarios de la cuarentena. Ah! With all due respect to this deputy, I must tell her that she has not understood anything at all. In addition to a vaccine, if there is anything we need these days, it is humor capsules to avoid getting depressed.