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As I have already mentioned, Madrid is a very big city and more and more, and that is often confronted in many occasions with nature, the beauty of simple things, humanity…. The figure of the subway is surely the one that best portrays the city of Madrid. It is an impressive work of human engineering, provides an invaluable service to its inhabitants, and is the object of all kinds of criticism and complaints, as well as a source of inspiration for many poets and an inexhaustible generator of anecdotes for its users. It is the best portrait that can be made of “life in Madrid”, just by taking a look at the people who travel along its tracks you can imagine what you will find when you leave the underground.

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I don’t know if it’s fact or fiction. I am the composer of the song “Pacto entre caballeros”, in collaboration with Pancho Barona; that, I assure you, is reality. Although, above, in this same page and in “credits”, this authorship is attributed to Sabina himself. Also in “Cuernos”, from the same album, the same thing is repeated. Attributions that he does not need; if anyone has more than enough resources to compose, it is my admired Joaquín.

At the beginning of 1980, Sánchez settled in Madrid, where he helped Javier Krahe to compose music, with whom he also participated as a guitarist and backing vocalist. He then began a career as a soloist, while continuing to collaborate in recordings such as Prefiero la ciudad , by Miguel Vigil, with whom he shaped what would later become the group Académica Palanca .

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Well, this is a song called Pongamos que hablo de Madrid, and it’s a story of love and hate for an unlivable but irreplaceable city. It is a lyric that I wrote based on a melody by Antonio Sánchez, who is this guy.

In 1981 also the singer Antonio Flores made a more rock version of the song in his album Al caer el sol,[1] by which the song became popular, becoming for many a kind of anthem or unofficial soundtrack of the city.[2] Subsequently the song has also appeared in the albums Joaquín Sabina and Viceversa en directo (1986).

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Clarification appreciated. Including Sabina’s … I had come to think it was just the other way around, although the lyrics matched Sabina’s idiosyncrasy.As for speculation about the death of Antonio Flores … the popular imagination is wide, but who knows, even these dramas make celebrities more human.

In a song by A Flores a verse goes like thisTranquila mi vida He roto con el pasado Mil caricias pa decirte Que siete vidas tiene un gato Seis vidas ya he quemado Y esta ultima la quiero vivir a tu lado.No matter the genius of who falls into the hands of drugs, because unfortunately, one by one burns all lives…. Happy Sunday Modestino, I leave you all this song including A Flores because I think he had so much to give you so many things to tell you.